Flat Roof Repair Houston

Do It Yourself Repair Kits

One of the top reasons for doing a flat roof repair Houston yourself is getting the job done as quickly as possible. If you try to get a roofing contractor out to give you a quote and then make the repairs, the entire wait time could be a couple of weeks. It may take a few days to get the contractor out for a quote. Then, you have to wait until the contractor has a crew free to do the work. During that time, you have to put a temporary repair in place or suffer the consequences of having a leaking roof. Neither option is optimal or a good idea for a good roof.

Top Quality Materials

By repairing yourself with our kits, you will be using top-quality materials that give you extra benefits. When you purchase our roof repair kit, you can rest assured that you have the highest-quality materials on the market today. You need to do it right the first time, and our products are simple to understand and easy to use. The water-proofing products in our repair kits dry quickly to get the repair done in the shortest time possible. Also, they go on in a thick and seamless manner to ensure a reliable bond.

Water Ponds on Flat Roofs

One of the significant problems with a flat roof is water ponding. A slight depression in the rough surface can cause water to sit there for an extended period. Standing water breaks down the roofing material underneath as well as puts additional weight on the roof itself. The extra weight can lead to leaking in various spots on the roof. Our waterproofing materials provide protection even on most water pondering surfaces.

UV Protection

The quality materials in our flat roof repair kit also provide additional UV protection to the roof. Our roof sealants contain ceramic composites which prevent heat penetration. By reflecting most of the heat away from the repaired area, it helps prevent the repaired area from drying out and leaking in the future.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Our flat roof repair kits are simple to use and come with all the items necessary to complete a proper roof repair. The kit includes mastic, fiberglass reinforcement, waterproofing, weatherproofing, installation tools and instructions. The mastic is a thick paste used to fill in cracks and seams on the roofing surface. The fiberglass is used to span large cracks and provide added strength and durability. The waterproofing is actually a liquid membrane that protects the roof from water penetration. The weatherproofing protects everything else from the natural elements such as the sun’s damaging rays and heat. Finally, we give you detailed instructions so of how to repair correctly.



Roof Leak Repair Houston

Roofing Company Houston, TX

A skilled Houston TX, roofing company can make your roof more durable. At
Texas Metal Roofing Contractors (TMRC), we take pride in providing an essential service to the Houston TX, community.  Our roof leak repair Houston can make your roof more durable, which will enhance the structural integrity of your home. Our dedicated roofers use premium materials and will treat you and your property with respect whenever they undertake a project at your home.

A Damaged Roof Leads To Other Problems

Roof damage can lead to all sorts of other problems. Cracks and holes can let water into your home, which can damage your possessions as well as your home’s walls and floor. They can also allow for extreme temperatures, which may cause your electric bill to skyrocket. Finally, roof damage can provide openings through which insects, rodents, birds, or even bats can enter your home. Fortunately, the above problems can be prevented through regular free roof inspections and repairs when needed.

Number One in Customer Service

Our company provides a wide variety of services that can handle roofing problem. We work skillfully and carefully to ensure that the issues are fixed, and your roof is free of damage. TMRC can help you repair or upgrade your home’s roof. At TMRC, we pledge to provide exceptional customer service. We utilize only top-grade materials, and our Houston roofing crews will completely clean up their work area once the job is complete. Houston Texas Roofing Express

Roof Repair TMRC

All Your Roofing Needs

For your roofing needs in Houston, Texas your single solution for residential and commercial roofing in Houston and the surrounding area is Texas Metal Roof Contractors (TMRC). We offer commercial, residential, and institutional roofing, as well as specialty roofing such as aggregate and epoxy roofing. We do new construction, roofing replacement, and roof repairs. We don’t charge for estimates or inspections.

Your Roofing Inspection and Estimate Are Free

That’s right: all of our estimates and inspections in the Houston area for roofing repairs and roofing installations are free. You will never be charged until you agree to a written estimate that we will provide to you. To get Immediate Service, or a Free Estimate, Please Contact Our Team


Texas Flash Floods and Water Damage Restoration

Flood Restoration Austin, TX

Natural disasters are something we cannot escape. Despite all the preparations we may make to make sure that our home or business stays protected, there is very little you can do when Mother Nature strikes. You know this if you live in Austin, TX. We get our share of heavy thunderstorms that result in dangerous flash floods. Nearly every Spring there a large number of homes that require flood repair Austin

House Park Flooded Again

Texas Flood Damage

In Texas, flooding is probably the most common all-natural disasters and is accountable for more fatalities than any other natural disaster. Apart from the death toll it also exacts a high price tag regarding property damage, which is believed to be in the billions of dollars. Just this year Hurricane Harvey led to catastrophic flooding in Houston and many smaller communities in the area the total cost of which is still being calculated.

California Flooding Damage

Flooding is also nothing new to California citizens. In actuality, California is presently creating news headlines as its governor tries to push for superior flood handling infrastructure. In California, damage to drinking water supply is an imminent possibility faced by everyone. Just consider that its levees are not sound and fail on average close to twice a year. The surprising matter about flooding is that it does not occur only in high flood danger locations. Locations classified as lower and moderate flood risk places are frequently flooded. The facts indicate that wherever you live flooding is a risk you face especially during hurricane season.

Flooding Can Be a Danger to Life

To reduce the danger to life brought about by flooding, you must take correct precautions before flooding takes place. If flooding is imminent, you want to call available services asap to obtain any needed assistance. Safety precautions before flooding involve getting informed of weather conditions and circumstances that might result in flooding and having an evacuation plan or two for your family or organization.

Don’t Delay, Take Action, Make the Call

If your home or business gets flooded, as soon as you can return, you should call a water damage restoration pro right away to perform the flood water extraction Austin. Be aware these contractors will receive numerous calls for help, and they are usually handled on a first call first serve basis. So don’t delay. Keep in mind the longer the water stands in your home or business, the more damage it does. Flood water contains all sorts of pathogens and contaminates so don’t get too ambitious and try to remove it yourself. Safely eliminating flood water and cleaning up after the water is removed requires specialized equipment and experienced, trained technicians

There’s Still More

Note that flood water extraction is merely the very first stage in the water damage restoration process. Water damage restoration will entail other procedures like structural drying, mold prevention/elimination, and decontamination, among other things.

Let’s Go Green

Effective Ways to Green Cleaning Your Home

After reading this article you will no longer need to depend on any of the cleaning solutions and products available in stores. If you think it is not possible, then we will make it possible for your convenience. This will also eliminate the expense involved in buying a variety of cleaners, each for a different purpose. We are here providing you with the eco-friendly substitutes of chemical and bleach-based cleaning agents and the cost involved in buying them. So let’s get started.

How to make Homemade Spray Cleaner

White vinegar is the magic solution that will be used here. It has an exceptional property of cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing any place without much labor. Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water and mix it thoroughly. Fill this solution in the spraying bottle and spray this solution in an area that is in need of cleaning and removal of odor. Tiles and grout lines can also be cleaned just by using this solution. Vinegar bears acetic properties which are very effective in removing any hard dirt and odor from any place.

Homemade Glass Cleaning Solution

You do not have to purchase a branded glass cleaner from the store if homemade cleaner does exactly what you expect. For preparing a glass cleaning solution mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl, 1/3rd cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water. Mix the solution and store it in a bottle.  Dampen the sponge with this solution and clean the glass of windows, tables, and screens. You will find it very effective.

Making Natural Air Freshener

Most air fresheners available in stores have a very strong smell which may not suit some people. Rather than eliminating odor from the place, they leave an unpleasant odor in its place. But, we can resolve this problem by using natural products present in every household. Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of cold water, 2 tbsp of baking soda and 2 tsp of lemon juice.  Mix it thoroughly so that the baking soda gets completely dissolved in water and then store this solution in a spraying bottle. You can use it on areas that have a musty smell or a bad odor. You can also just use it as a room freshener. If you are allergic to lemon scent, then you can use rose water in place of lemon juice.

No Harsh Chemicals

The best part of all these methods is that it involves zero percent harsh chemicals that commercial products include. So do try them and see amazing results from them.